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place of continued local applications for these symp-
The brain is clear in cirrhosis throughout the course of the disease, but
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form into lactates the above-named preparations of iron, while in the latter case
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66 Bryonia.— Sick Headache, Vomiting, .laundiee, Croup, Pneumonia.
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tion as a result of professional habits is, on these occasions, in general confined
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In cases with complete obstruction requiring resection it may be
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the glottis on raising the head, thus inducing suffocative efforts for
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The thought suggested itself that a series of observa-
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the form of ointment (a drachm of Borax to an ounce
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trainmg of medical students by Wm. T. St Clair, A. M., Professor of
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tissues through lesions of the mucous membrane, as it will lead to irreparable
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Prevention. — Children should not be allowed to take active ex-
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The occlusion of the urethra was occasioned by the adhesion of the
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body, or may the toxin be changed into an immunizing sub-
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Dr. Williams — And that Dr. Macdonald be elected in my place.
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our personal desires for what our consciences tell us is the absolute
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with either functional or organic disturbances of more or less
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the injections may last twenty-four hours or longer. In
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Basle amone about 1600 typhoid fever patients, 7 of the 16 ending fatally.
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pectedly, and these are the only notes that need to be copied in case
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" It is a matter of taste " — taste in the literal sense. It
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for Kingstown Urban District ; and Dr. Bailie, Medical Superin-
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when the cyst itself has reached its complete development. The diag-
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with his friends, — it seeming, that he would rather " reign in hell
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to the mesentery, or lie freely movable in the lax retro-peritoneal Mnnee-
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contagionists — the advocates of the strictest system
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2 For bibliographical references see LOwenfeld's *' Electrotlier-
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interesting cases, of remarkable and original operations,
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the Brain with Reference to those Conditions which Lead
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undoubtedly the main elements in determining the occur-
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1903 b. — Diagnosi di alcune specie nuove di Hydrachnid^e e di un Ixodidae del

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