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attendant upon the study of the disease were not as

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nott); A Learned Dissertation on a Dumpling — all this trash of

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skin to the subjacent parts — its absolute immobility, in fact. This is not

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in very diverse senses, but in general a contagious disease

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At the Annual Meeting of the Committee on Wednesday, August 6th, a premium of

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of the breath was noticed, and a diagnosis belonging to the pipe he had in his mouth

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It is not known whether the Asilidas are really blood-sucking flies or not.

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On December 14th he presented himself to his physician with general malaise,

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there were only six in which it was to the patients' advantage

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apphcation is used, but the parts are simply kept cover-

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with boiling water, and season the gravy thus made with pepper

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shred very fine, and mixed with red currant jelly or port

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insanities ; {b) insanities following bacterial and toxalbumic poisoning ;

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wise establishes his priority to the idea that sugar is constantly

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the diaphragm, lymph-glands, etc. The ulcer may continue to extend into

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plexion gradually assumes the characteristic earthy or fawn color,

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brown, green, red, or black, according to the amount of blood and

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sp. gr. 1030; urine contained cholic acid and sugar. All medicines ordered

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IX. Data Bearing on Duration of Disease. In dealing with

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to his examination by Dr. J. J. Woodward, U. S. A. It was recently presented

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acid, with absence of mucus. She did not have cancer, and she did

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4. To maintain the bowels free from bacilli, of all kinds, and

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yer of New York, and addressed to a young physician

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