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did its work well. The bowels were checked, but, in spite of the diet, the
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the motion for adoption, there were few negative votes left.
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(C. H.) Blepharoidastv. Am. J. Ophtli., St. Louis, 1897,
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depending upon thickening of the neurilemma, and is one
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sand successive successful cases, among which she had turned
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and retained there by a suture across the anus, or a rope or
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medical problems of the generation which succeeded his
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carried out. One was not justified always in concluding that
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procurable in time and that the intestate relied on him for
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trustee who should appropriate the trust-fund with the certainty that his
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Oastro-Intestinal SiBorders.— Dr. W. Blair Stewart,
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From the first there had been albumen in the urine,
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above the body, it is made to exercise a greater distendino-
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It was only 65 years ago, then, that the unlicensed
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condition, and after a long careful attempt to make
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port of this. He found in the examination of the stools of 300 prisoners
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near together, and the danger of inflammation is necessarily in-
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duty. Why? Because of a special qualification. He may be a pho-
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occipital, and the heat of skin, combined with the quick pulse,
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Pulmonary infarction has occurred in cases of gonorrhoeal endocarditis
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8 cases in the literature and reported 5 from this series. There is usually
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and such like. AlcohoUo stimulants must be given according to circum-
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value, for these investigators have shown that the water-secreting ability of
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emall-pox and scarlatina, yet the well authenticated cases
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care for the early cases are important adjuncts to preventive measures.
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Pathology. — The fungus both enters the free, cut end of the nail,

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