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owe to the help of congenial partners. It only remains for us to express

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ear with cerebral abscess by contiguity. The genesis of the

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leum, lead acetate, the essential oils generally, ethyl bromide, hydrochloride

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enlarged but normal thyroid, it is spoken of as a "parenchymatous" goitre.

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dency to detach it from the walls of the uterus, and flooding will be the

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1904). Two forms, one more common, 20 ll by 3 to 5 ll, free

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be practised once or twice daily, and afterward more

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lower canaliculus one could demonstrate the lachrymal sac between the swelling

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bronchial catarrh, I have produced most striking results, at my dinique,

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qual, serrate, and somewhat resemble the leaf of the

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period about six weeks after the onset down to the present

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tend the same classes in the first year of instruc-

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de in6d. et ebir. prat., Par., l*-88, lix, 65. — ITforgeii (A.)

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Now, as a minister said of a certain woman, she was a good Christian

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28. Shanley JD, Pesanti EL, Nugent KM: The pathogenesis of pneumonitis due

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a state of decay and degeneration, the search has been actively prosecuted in

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problem which requires a solution. All the efforts of politicians and

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pulmonary phthisis. Recurrent catarrhal and injiammatory affections in the

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have been successful. The ulcer was extensively adherent

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in a milder degree. A few leeches were applied, and evaporating lotions

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matter. Here desiccation occurs with greater rapidity than

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cisions in the phlegmonous erysipelas; he says, " these inci-

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congestion and oedema of the lungs, dilatation of right chambers

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human subject, the study of its effects upon tuber-

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like a bursting lorth of the skin; the track leading to the bone is

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Kjeldahl digesting flask of 200 to 300 c.c. capacity is required.

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by using their extremities as sutures. Silkworm-gut

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prived of its nutritive supply through the vasa vaso-

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Tlicrapeiitique, No. 3, i8gi : First period. — Keep the

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and out under that sheet. In mild cases, the patient's wants

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with impunity by one man is poisonous to another. Each

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resemblance of the disease to tuberculosis might explain

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honor you have done me in electing me to preside over this

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study of which may be of service to us and esf)eci-

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the New York Academy of Medicine, a successful case of laparotomy and supra-

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