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Sznallpox is increasing in San Francisco. On March 26,
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above), married J. L., whose family history so far as kno'wii
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aent; Dr. William A. Keller, secretary, and Dr. James T.
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distributed. Let us consider measles in the light of
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vein, concealed under the clavicle or the sternum, and separated from the
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by keeping the pulse and respiration ratio normal and assist-
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evil spirit called Manetou, whose will it is held vain to resist. When some
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desirous to inculcate — the value of anatomical knowledge? Had Dr.
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abnormally sensitive prostatic urethra, which was accordingly
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sional lodging and boarding of patients, while under operations, &c., having
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Large Intestine. — Liver and spleen normal; several living ascarides
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Attending Physician to that Hospital. 8vo, pp. 95. Boston, 1838.
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utd return. On Friday evening the special train for the Yel-
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read a paper entitled "German Text-Books Half a Century
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parietal bone as large as the external one, which so strangely monopolised
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should be killed at once to prevent the bitten ones from
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membrane pale; attenuated glands of Peyer developed, but healthy.
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and J. P. O'Kelley. Visiting oculists — Drs. P. Reiss, E. W.
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enables us to distinguish spasmodic suffocation from that produced by
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for the demonstration of this modification of albumen. It appears to be chemically
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or stand for hours, putting a drop directly on the slide and
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genus and species when required. It is of course understood
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counted on in the presence of pathology. Most of us
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Therapeutics and Materia Medica ; L. A. Dugas. M. D., Professor of Phy-
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and 0.25 digitalin would be obtained, i. e., the dull digi-
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avoided, and thereby the risk of embolism is diminished. He
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known remedy for sleeplessness, except morphin, and
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very undeveloped, and only weighed twenty-three pounds, during her
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defect ; and by a plain statement of the seat, nature, symptoms, and treat-
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government and one of the presidents of the Superior Health
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deaths than during the corresponding period last year. Only
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Some time ago this topic was discussed by the Patho-
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totnie und Physiologie an der Universitat za Heidelberg. Drittcr Band. Nahrungs-
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sidered that absurd, he enquired sufficiently to satisfy his own mind that
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changes in the nervous system. They include especially
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penalty for violation of the law and practicing without a
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ing Asst.-Surgeon Holt to report to P. A. Surgeon J. H. Oakley
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toxic symptoms. Animals succumb from the poison due to it*
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by Nicholls. Two fatal cases have been reported also
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The author carries out well the promise made in the preface,
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tom of Autointoxication and Drug Poisoning. Eugene 8.
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ently evacuated. A microscopic examination of the material
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after taking the latter, but often dreamed and started

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