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storage reservoirs In Upper Egypt, with Mr. Willcocks at its head. Three

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the recent panic, been performed among the better educated

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nection with the finding of the Ebers Papyrus there. This

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St. Thomas's. Hours oA .4((cnda»ci'.— Medical and Surgical, daily, exc.

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or never more, and never to such an extent as to give rise to

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Bradually drifted into and terminated as one of pancreatic diabetes an

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for Lepers in India (W. C. Baily, Secretary, 17, Glengyle

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post-partiim collapse, he had injected a quart of saline solu-

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accompUshed by your Society and of the success that has attended your

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Assistant-Surgeon he served on the fieU(ii^lf\ and attended on the

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cholera in Finisterre is now at an end, but in Morbihan 69 cases with 33

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judgment until the final decision was arrived at. We have before us a

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cases in whicli rapid artificial evacuation of the uterus was

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to Weigert's method ; it was also seen in sections stained with aniline

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