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the acetate of lead ; opium ; counter-irritation. But the suspended

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habit, or who live too well. In mild cases of pyrexia, the only treatment neces-,

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course of the limbs. Cutaneous hyperesthesia is sometimes present.

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mentally deranged, for although the writer has called our attention to a

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and a few pneumococci were found in sections. From his study

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and spinal, are involved varies greatly in different cases ; but there is

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effect a weak continuous current of electricity will cause con-

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tions — all of them the smaller ones. They caused con-

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that by collusion, the State, a given employer, and

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I'uMluT, It >au-r- 11., di^ti,-. ,,r iiu.,mcnirmv i,, the

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advantages. That a large and costly museum of natural

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mercury previously exhibited, which until then had lain dor-

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French and English hospitals and from the systematic

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deaths out of a thousand in England were due to small-pox, while in the first

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Properties. — A colorless, odorless, syrupy liquid, of a

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the crowded Thames, and on the desolate steppes of Tartary ; on the

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consultation with Dr M'Bride. He complained of hoarseness in

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conditions consists of stimulants to overcome the weakened

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3. The countenance of those bodies recently drowned, which have

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thick, coarse cloth, on which the marks of the carriage-wheels were plainly

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