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Examining Unit varied at different points from 7 to 28.

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Strom conducted a question and answer session on the

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will be deficient in development — if not ill-formed, certainly

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as though having been fractured and repaired, leaving ir-

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liver, as described in the text-books. Although it is

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thorough evacuation and cleansmg of the digestive canal.

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tient should not agglutinate the corpuscles of the donor.

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suspension which contains the equivalent of 50 mg pyrantel base per ml.,

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distended, and very resisting. There was only one way of feeling the ovary ;

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The following question at once arises : What morbid phenomena are neces-

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5. Reduction with one finger is more an evidence of

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surgically removed tonsils and adenoids may be regarded as covering

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in two or three days. It may sometimes appear in severe one-sided

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study taught in common or public schools in the state of

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asked whether the treatment had been effective, he re-

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at such an expense, however, the object vvould not be dear bought, if it

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some premonition, and some ground for suspicion in the circum-

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dispensing, account keeping, and the business-like habits needed for

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Various methods of treatment have from time to time been recom-

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motor disturbances, does not, I think as yet, authorize

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their way oft«n suffer severely from the disease ; and (3) the use of water

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first of these lectures will be given by Dr. E. L. Trudeau, of

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