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tage, then, by all means, let the males endeavour to accom-
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employed. The animals kept at 2° C were supplied with adequate
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ish-white colour ; inodorous, and of a bitter, very astringent taste.
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cannot allow himself to think of any thing but that which is
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lepsy, when entirely functional, it may sometimes prove beneficial. Dr.
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articles are taken by animals, along with their foods, it is
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able, is that produced and kept up by fcome directly depressing agency^
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ticular medicine should be relied on without careful trial.
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In all convulsive affections, purely functional, that is, unconnected
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exclusively on its volatile oil ; for, though there is a trace of tannic acid,
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As a local remedy it is used in cases of diminished muscular
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it really does undergo a slow oxidation at ordinary temperatures. {Jahresberiekt^
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advanced stage of suppuraiive injlammation, often afford similar indi-

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