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rare, and the pulse (which is sometimes small) differs entirely from that
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beyond most others, entitled to form opinions on this question in its
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and often the amount of perspiration ; we assuage the pain that of
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known surgeon consulted Sir Astley Cooper about his heart : offended at Sir Astley's
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at the end of 165 days, showed no lesion. This result should, how-
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possess, either for the discovery of new principles or for the detailed
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porations empowered to grant licences and degrees. On the other land
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until it lay with the head undermost. It could, however, still walk
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the neck to the sacrum. The cancer was white, and all more or less
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refreshing to learn that, through the reforms in the Prussian Army Me-
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left upper turbinated bone. The same operation was performed
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He inveighed bitterly against the ambition which makes
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and at its annual general meeting held in Dublin in August, 1867,
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issues." Mr. Syme afterwards published a pamphlet called
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point observed, to 106.2 deg. Fahr., the highest point noted; the
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The parrot was brought back again on the 12th February, 1895.
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divert a certain quantity of blood from tire neighbouring renal arteries.
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On the 20th May the modified Danish operation was performed.
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deep-rooted evil by the adoption of an utterly delusive expedient. We
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half pounds, showed no disturbance after an intra-venous injection of
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1867. ..68 Article in Lancet on Compensation for Railway Injuries,
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collapse on opening the chest. The surface of the visceral pleura was
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succumb. The removal of three to six quarts of blood, depending on
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The personality of Heister is not unattractive, as re-
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the sympathies of many readers into the homes of this stricken land,
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week, see hii brother unjustly held up to the scorn and derision of the profession,
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volutions, one spot of decided thickening, close to the onfice of the
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left side the envelopes were also swollen ; the testicle, however, ap-
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gently squeezed out, the crusts themselves removed with small tampons
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would seem to indicate ; trifling and recent or obscure attacks of
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the urme along with the salts. Dr. Wilks stated that these had often

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