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the profession the method that he has for many years
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what increased in rapidity, is diminished in fullness. I
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above and below with silk sutures, passing through skin and
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followiDg agents for producing insensibility : 1. HydramTle and bichloride of
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Dr. SiiEPHERD, of Montreal, had often observed this muscle,
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upon the bladder that gives rise to the nocturnal incontinence of urine,
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pressed from them. When sufficiently cool, the surgeon applies
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" Treatment of Chronic Ringworm in an Institution for
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authorities happen to be for the time be3'ond editorial reach.
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next day at the hospital. Only three have, under my own eyes, developed the
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Div file, "Disability Discharge Corresp." See also: An
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per rectum the enormous mass of faeces should be palpable and at
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Ample room should be left for the entries, and the outlines for the upper and the
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with great rapidity before the optic neuritis has had time to
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tongue was moist, and only slightly furred; there was thirst, and the bowels had not been
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and tastes of the race concerned. Thus fresh beef may be excellent for
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the apex. Mitral stenosis was noted in connection with aortic
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Quite convenient are the double counting chambers designed by
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treatment, he considers his health reasonably good. He
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the divinum quid of Hippocrates, — the something which is
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But these few observations agree as to the nature of the changes

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