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The animal is isolated in an airy box, which should be kept at a

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Yorkshire was absolutely large, in relation to the number of practitioners

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scarlatina ; the convulsions and dropsy yielded to hot air baths and

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with some remarks, etc. It contains a case of Rupture of the

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walls of the caecum, however, were enormously thickened and inilamed,

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have been long superseded by better. It would also prevent many

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come to him as the result of the practice of law. Most

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A specimen of a Transverse Fracture of the Patella united by Bone ;

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the inflammation, healed the wound, and restored it to immediate use.

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drachms of i per cent, iodine solution. At 7 p.m. respiration 27 ;

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seems more probable that, when the scarlatina rash is copious, the skin

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During this epidemic seventeen cases of dropsy have come under my

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On the 2ist all unfavourable symptoms had disappeared.

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converted into greyish or yellowish crusts, sometimes tinted brown by

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monia, and on return to work was found to have become a roarer.

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Jobson, Esq. ; George Welford, Esq. ; J. W. Broadbent, Esq. ; H. G.

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her death, and leave my children motherless. 1 knew not

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the onset of disease is to note the night and morning temperatures of

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Natural Science. Both Demyship and Exhibition ^^'^I^^.Sf J'^^"' f *3

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had suffered from disturbance of vision, marked thirst, and excessive

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The office of Editor of the British Medical Journal is about to

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out its whole course presented a remarkable fusiform enlargement.

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" By the appointment of a Subcommittee to examine and report on

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The horny growth had again appeared. Between it and the eye

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a failure. It had been said that the preliminary training was de-

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In the following course, a great deal of time will be devoted to the

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which failed to propel blood in due amount to an already ill-nourished

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it made and the apparent helplessness of the physi-

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rial allowed to run downwards, and subsequently ossified. The inter-

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Howard, surgeon, of Glossop, on going to visit a patient a few days

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The extreme frequency of renal disease is a physiological result of the

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Committee had not the power to receive the services of foreign surgeons

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hock showed an elongated vertical swelling extending above and

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carpal ligament and the external slip, which passes from it to the

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Here, however, as in many other instances, we are obliged to fall back

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be confounded. Scrofulous enlargement of the bronchial glands, hydatid

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purulent infection or cerebral embolism. Cases of this kind are seen

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— "Cadlot's Clinical Veterinary Medicine and Surgery."

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Stewart, M.D. , Borough Asylum, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and T. Har-

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The off fore fetlock had just been severely injured by a tramway

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The connective tissue of the tubercles is coloured brownish red by

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