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drug as opium in certainty of action. We recognized clinically

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however much distress they may bring upon others by the exercise of

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ment. Foaming at the mouth is less common in these cases

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* Max Bockhart : (a) Beitrae zur Aetiologie und Pathologie des

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cessful results have been reported with the anaphylaxis reaction.

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myxoedema has been described as a complication by Simonds

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small abscess of the right upper eyelid developed, which

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gently administered, it is free from danger, it is worthy

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mamma says that my intellect is not adapted for methodic science, and says

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evidence be needed? Are not the comparisons of five cities enough?

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ing of the word "decomposed." This question is considered more in

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mentioned, are also rare. Rigor mortis is generally not well developed,

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stomach shows nearly every epithelial cell loaded with coarse gi-ains in

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remarked when I left that she felt very much better, and she thought

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some experiments of his own made in company with Dr Beale.

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surgeon that fracture is present. Yet, however clear

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will furnish the first one hundred reprints for half the cost price.

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are sufficiently dilated. Is accustomed to pack the bowels with warm

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lenses, and arc lamps concentrated by quartz lenses, with in each case

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patient. Subcutaneous veins and those of muscular structures are

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felt what I feared was the separation of the whole bone

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RoBBiNS, Chandler P., will proceed from Louisville, Ky., to San

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ciet} 7 , and in whose hands was placed the expediency of forming a

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Other remedies are ergot and belladonna. These remedies are advo-

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The suggestion in last year's report on the Harvard

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cal Progress, should be excluded from them. Some of these, by a little

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the aid of material placed at my disposal by Pro- I

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the body ; and Mehlis, among twenty -five patients, counted sixteen

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Those who have done much testing with prisms will, I

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On Chloral Hydrate. — Dr. J. W. Hickman, Pa., points out,

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effusion inio the cellular substance of the lungs, and even from

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cities. They convert the college papers into sporting gazettes. They claim

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death of the patient, from the strong pulsation and impulse, de-

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elevation, viz., fiat or normal scars, which are situated at about the

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successively by high temperature, perspiration, and decline

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vomiting, colic, diarrhoea or constipation, and abortion

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cose dilatation, and, as a general rule, inflammation, occurring

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(2) Pdvic Ptritonitis. — Beyond stating that this form of

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matters in this State came from my good friend Dr. McBrayer. And

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most successful, and that accidents do not attend it. — Ga-

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nomena of an acute into.xication were induced directly

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