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the same insurance value as any other, and any group of lives

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mentioned by Thomas' Willis (1658) and by Sydenham (1679). During

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progress farther so that the patient lies in a dull state, taking no notice of his

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bronchial secretion; in such cases cough may cause its re-appearance. In

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made, that the nurse is always to blame when a bed-sore develops, is not


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The history of exposure to one disease or the other is of some value.

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rose spots." Pustules are often found on the buttocks. In a certain number

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puerperal conditions before forty or from "change of life"

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Prognosis. — ^The prognosis of acute rheumatism is a complicated matter,

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drawn between those who apparently believe that they are

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We know that in other diseases the course of the disease may be modified

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(c) "Yes, several" (Morris). "No" (McGuire, Homans,

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nally or given internally. The subjective sensation is due

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The explanation in the majority of this group is difficult to give. A local

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partly intentional (and perhaps partly involuntary), cer-

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should be held upon the subject. It is a most encouraging

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double that among the whites. The diminished resistance of the colored

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Whether this is obtained innocently or through conscious

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accompany acute febrile diseases and are associated with a varying degree

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The efficiency of any test, particularly that of Cold Con-

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agencies are concentrated about the point of entrance or localization of

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tween disinfectants and antiseptics may be made in relation

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multiple, varying in diameter from 3 to 10 mm. In one patient they were

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to throw light on the subject, yet, owing to the complexity of the problem,

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than others. The agglutinability also varies; the typhoid bacillus when

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the onset apply especially to the "acute group." The chances for the early

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