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uterus to be thrown into contraction by smaller causet, some*

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always be done in the vicinity of habitations in regions in

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hemoptysis occurring in a phthisical subject (Correspon-

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rhages which ensued during the course of the day, was not sufficient

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country and its institutions through the eyes of foreign

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mixing promethazine codeine and xanax

is of value to subordinate planners in implementing the plan.

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the tapeworm, and was so far successful as to cause the

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mgp promethazine with codeine

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the lips and anus, in addition to the peculiar varnished and

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truth does not so appear from anything inherent in the practice of physic or

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dull on percussion, with absence of respiration. He was now removed from the

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the patient been married ; if so, how long ? Has she had

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Theory of the Discharge through Vacuum Tubes. — The

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infections. Cure plus improvement equaled 88.9% of all

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blood count was practically normal, there was no leucocythaemia of

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chest which might have been lichen planus. As to its contagiousness, I give you

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iirged that an operation should be immediatelj'' per-

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other rapidly, and this fact, with the relaxation of the ligaments, ex-

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carriers of oxygen, namely, the red globules. Impoverishment of

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1915-16, and is in practice at Grimsby. To them and to his

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age. It can hardly be supposed that this is due to new-

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bone was exposed at the back of the pharynx ; but the patient suffered so little

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earl}- as 1578 in the rules of admission to the Ospedale Mag-

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* That is, warm water with a quantity of the flour of mustard mixed in it.

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than by the ricliest and most circumspect institution.

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wound during sleep, and, incidentally, to keep flies from the

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various levels, and the greater impairment of these on one side may reveal

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of the spinal membranes may have caused an obstruction which is easily

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Island College Hospital. [Reprint from the " American Journal

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the relation of typhoid fever to fevers of malarial origin, based upon

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Adlcr (L. H.), jr. Fistula in ano; general considera-

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another. It enables the physician to distinguish, for instance, the

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a disease is rare, and we should not be justified in diagnosticating it

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lecturing in a small town in Ohio. He had succeeded

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