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quantities of albumin in the urine, cer\'ical glandular enlargement, excessive

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are enlarged and painful. Fever may reach 103° to 104° F., but gener-

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tion of but five to ten points. I have also been impressed by the

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These things will never be until the medical profession

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sac. In rare instances portions of the bony wall of the chest are enclosed

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anteriorly. There Lb still marked comparative dulness over left buck, and also in

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diSier widely from many of the notions now held. They

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only oue direct cerebral symptom present, and that was dilatation of

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Letter to the Aberdeen Medical Society about " subjects " — London " re-

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broken down under the finger. In simple penetrating wounds

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experiment important questions in the etiology and treatment of disease.

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vated, a fairly congenial environment. To determine the specificity of

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stipated. The urine in some cases contains albiunen and blood. The

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the liver and in exophthalmic goiter the alkalinity of the blood is

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of the tubercle bacillus but much thicker than that organism, sometimes

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hospital, when the patient was quite well of the tet-

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and advocated its propriety in a very full and ingenious treatise on the

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And for another rule : if the remote signs of strangu-

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results with considerable scepticism; as pronounced pigmentation of

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tal, of the colour of gold, but soft as lead, from the

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single dressing in a week. He depended on perfect antiseptic

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contraction of the muscles. This rib might have become

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these firm, typical Cheddars the influence of temperature on curing

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ceived. Sir M. Beach, M.P., and Mr. J. G. Talbot, M.P.,

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hemorrhage, no history of perforation, no voming, and but little if any

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and hail and snow, walked to the grave, stood upon the ground

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We direct their attention to the face; and say that,

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