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reason by a stubborn and unbending determination to perform some

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large the granuloma needs excision after ligature. Sometimes the inflam-

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subscribers should be more or less impressed by the doctor and the

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tube-feeding decisions in long-term care. J AmGeriatrSoc 1986; 34:607-61 1

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attacks. This shows that gastric ulcer relapses in at least two-

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rapidly. Had no pain at all after last injection, and fears I

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in intensity in its passage, i^d possibly even undergoing some change of

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Metabolism was evidently profoundly affected by the

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the cardiac orifice, and is connected with the oesophagus, which ex-

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germs, and likely to prove nuisances, must be removed,

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Dr. Matthews Duncan (London) said that, in the inquiries under discus-

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2,500 and 3,000 women practising medicine in the United States.

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two and one-half months duration; omentopexy; no recurrence of ascites

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children of poor people, living in badly ventilated and crowded

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cating the cardiac output. Its significance, however,

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city, the street and number. Especially should this be done by

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which center it reaches the moderators or accelerators of the

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leave even a tenth part of the scrotum or any of its

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oiphysema, and that the anterior portions of the chest, in some cases,

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soiue central afl'ections of visi(m. Brain, Lond., 18.s5-6,viii,

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be a mistake to treat the patient as if the cardiac affection were the objec-

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blance to cerebro-spinal fever in its late phenomena,

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bility that his patient, when he had cooled himself to his

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and enters the system through the respiratory mucous membrane. It

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is likely to result from the lodgment of the coin in some

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deed be laid down as a general rule that fatty applications to pus-producing

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has shown that the edge of the liver may be involved in the epigastric

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tigations upon the etiologic factors of this disease, and the scientifi-

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this greater amount of protein is directly proportional to the gravity of the

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neuroses in the light of therapeutic results. This includes a

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the moral influences involved in removal from home — in the steady help

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