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cyst, the perinteum was laid open backwards into the

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be extended to Major Kinyoun, of the United States Army, and to Dr.

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Treatment. — In recent cases of serous detachment we can often get

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been no operative deaths. Significant complications

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completely before giving another dose. As long as the process of

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hour destroys them. They are non-dialyzable and may be kept for

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the thermometers of the ward, but nothing wrong was

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ITIazza (A.) Lepra tubercolare ed anestetica; e lepra

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Fig. 10. Characteristic look after repeated attacks of Megrims.

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ics and Sociology ? Yet they are every-day tools of learned

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anybody, and those who go to any future meeting can say that is the opinion.

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The patient was simply treated with silver nitrate and

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paper, and thought that the Society owed a debt of gratitude to

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then, with a crackling, pass into the stomach. It is a difficult matter for

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