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been induced; the breathing became more distressing, and iinaN
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{From the Kitasato Institute for Infectious Diseases, Tokyo, Japan.)
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out on the 8th day. The tadpoles died in 31, 36, 39, 42, and 49 days. At the
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accompaniment of articular. Chronic rheumatism never atfects the dura-
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effect and thus of keeping the bowels clear of foeculent matter; he pre-
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ing formula furnishes a liniment nearly identical :qi1
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employs a straight history, and has several small sponges mounted
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With a dose of 2.17 cc. per kilo, the intravenous injection of serum
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fed tadpoles grew as well as, and in many cases better than the controls (growth
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was on the 8th, and its mean 64°. The greatest diurnal variation
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that contraction stopped as soon as the wound was completely healed.
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The principal articles of diet should be beef, mutton, and chicken, bread,
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flamed, but in no instance was there a regular areola, neither has
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istic symptoms are developed. The duration varies from five days to four
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wish to be unduly wedded to a peculiar view of the subject, either
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cous membrane of the stomach, intestines, bronchial tubes, etc., there are
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College, when, it was Resolved, That he be directed to invest three
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hemoptyses. Moderate coughing and expectoration. Emaciation becoming
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lower clavicular region. The upper curve remains almost horizontal. No con-
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how certainly he will be relieved by the hottest fomentations to the
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gray substance, which reaches its grentest intensity in the lumbar and cervical enlargements of the cord,
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broken apart only with difficulty. After five or six transfers of Type
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human body of the liquid part of the blood — that
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1 Among sequelse Thomas records heart affections, but does not say what these are ; though he says they
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member, that it is their part, to profit by hints from whatever source,
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and that, as a consequence of all this, fatal hemorrhages must ensue
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cession. The abdomen is retracted and hard, due to contraction of the
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vations on the mechanism of gall-bladder infection in typhoid, con-
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mbeaftby skYo, iMrrked rosacea of the face, wished to take radium water
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considered in themselves dangerous to life, and that, in those cases
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the atmosphere, and thus produce a far greater amount of benefit,
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lages are oedematous. Small hemorrhages may occur in, or a thin fibrinous
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step is to empty and wash out the bladder. Very often when the patient
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given intravenously. On the 5th day after the inoculation the pneumococci
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23 Balfour, A., and Wenyon, C. M., Sanitary Notes. Khartoum, Third Rep.
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shows the gradual accumulation of small eosinophilic granules.
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filtered through muslin and was mixed with rabbit serum, 2 cc. of suspension to 4
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dence of the microscopic finding that pneumococci are much more
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• it is no wonder that a profound interest was excited wherever th6
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denced in the muscles, so that the muscular condition becomes a matter of
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The invasion of the disease is always extremely insidious. The
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intention to be present and to read papers, and an excel-
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kept under the special care of the physician in the hospital. In the
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It is desirable to settle this question if possible, because from the
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frictions to the body and extremities. The patient should then be
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