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to two or three points of interest having reference
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First Isoptin not only reduces myocardial oxygen demand
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and tranquillity of the other patients require the removal and the neg
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easily controlled tliau where its disease manifestations
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of service. A violent fit of tickling cough may be relieved
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other lately introduced agents of this class do any good in febrile
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For the relief of thyroidectomy and increased tachycardia
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stock that is damaging the animal industry or the western ranges to
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Complications. Asthma pneumonia bronchial dilatation
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hospital and ambulance service everywhere to be performed
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this particular swelling to be the result of a slight osseous hypertrophy and
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coldness distributed over the shoulder and down the
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thermometer placed in the axilla shows an increase of the temperature of
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portionment into properly regulated meals at suitable intervals the
xalatan and low platelet count
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the human body is exempt the heart the brain the bones and the
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sagittal plane. In view of earlier discussions of this method of
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from restlessness or cramps after other remedies had failed and when
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are less callus and speedier recovery under his method of treatment
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To those who are desirous of studying fully the subject of polypous
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indicate that where one is incapacitated there are at least two physically
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advised to withdraw from the School. Those who fail in
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There has been considerable feeling heretofore in regard to the manner in
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uninjured animals. It occurred to him that since the heart is
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dose of cayenne will aid the vital energies in producing the reac
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forming a soft glazy swelling. It most frequently hap
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Pathology. A long and elaborate paper by Stokes gives an
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treatment of Typhoid Fever. I was very much struck by the uniformly
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lids closed and went on talking to him You are asleep
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patient believes himself to be possessed of enormous wealth or of giwt
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results in some bad cases of cholera infantum in one hos
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panum. The disease is most frequently observed in children although

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