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and heal. It is usually the result of bacterial infection.

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In this article I wish to draw attention to what is, I believe, a

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age, beloved by all who knew him. He has left a faithful,,

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The pulmonary and portal plexuses are doubtless also involved, but

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On the other hand, the chromic acid catgut, afterwards sug-

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with covering chest and upper abdomen with a generous

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till the Customs authorities communicated with the Privy

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to such a degree that about twenty thousand incipient

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and sometimes grouped together in resets. They may be distinctly bent,

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1841, complaining of having had a cough and shortness of breath for some time; she stated

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is the same I used as a military surgeon during the

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ances of the sort descriljed will rarely be sufficient.

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We find that the disease makes its appearance generally from the

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died A.D. 1122, at the advanced age of one hundred and

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findings are consistent with the hypothesis that glycemia is

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the individual should lean somewhat forward and cross the arms in front.

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caused by traction of the recti or pressure of the orbicularis."

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plained of feeling cold and was prostrate and feeble. 3. Fre-

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will accomplish marvellous results. Good results in the

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much clearer. " It is quarantine in the Red Sea that endangers the lives of

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