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nature, but, nevertheless, it was very violent. I think we can
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paper intervention, the secrets of all hearts are made known at
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From the aortic opening in the diaphragm, the aorta goes down
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animal such a serum sets up a nephritis and causes albuminuria, and
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Prognosis and Termination. — Acute nephritis is always a serious
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same day by Mr. Wagstaffe. and the parts were afterwards
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prolific with accidents of intestinal hemorrhage and
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the individual during times of actual or threatened
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however, had no effect on the convulsions, which affected the right side ; and his
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You will observe, gentlemen, that I have reported on sixty-three cases ; in forty-one of
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transmission of the shock of the heart-beat to vessels less able to bear it
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Study of Brain. — The brain was placed in 10 per cent, dilution of liquor
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course of the femur, and the actual shortening was less than
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prior to the actual planning/writing of the bid/proposal by the
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Table XIX. — Ages of Fifty-one Living Patients (28 Males and 23 Females), with
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hairs become dry, brittle, and loose. The microscope will re-
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sulTcring from cancer and were considered to be hope-
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recognized leaders. The elements of success are seen to be in

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