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determining the proper spelling of proper names. O. T. S.
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tog tube may be made by taking an ordimuy tin funnel, and inaert.
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pound has, after all, properties which are different from those
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findings and, further, such correlation of these two with the future
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reasonable time or if there is hemorrhage or fever, these may be the
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disease, while warm, dry season, h,-/ "" . "'"'opment of the
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in the United States and Canada shall have been recognized and reg-
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directed a fair for it that yielded some thousands of dollars ; all
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McGill University, Montreal, and John McCrae, M. D., M. R. C. P.,
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OH.«H». As: As. OH». OH. NHi HC1. From the formula it
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probably to the puckering of the vein necessary in order to
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the menstrum may pass into the cecum. He is then placed in either
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contrast to those above mentioned. In the case of The Met. Life
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so what, changes are desirable." The Commission was the result
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It is probable that contamination existed at this time. In March,
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mg. per minute with a decrease in frequency of ven-
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Delegates added in February and the convention issue
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yet, not rarely, it has peculiar marks, especially in its sym-
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New York hospital on Broadway. Weber took his position by
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of antisyphilitic treatment is certain. So it has seemed that a
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Some quite remarkable cures said to have been obtained in the treatment
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acid, and since free fuchsin is a stronger base than acetic acid is
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Street. The Central Registry for Nurses has made the Me-
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hours after operation, death occurring five days later.
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Most frequently the error is in mistaking it for brain tumor
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His service as Surgeon General for the Ohio forces during
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nasal and meningeal route as a direct one for infection in polio-
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tured clavicle and A. A. Jenkins of Cleveland a broken tibia as the
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Cerebral apoplexy is not uncommon in sheep that are highly
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Association of Pathologists and Bacteriologists, the
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as inducing fibrin deposition from living blood in contact with
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found in the woman’s apartment were sent to the Staten
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domen a survey of the whole field is impossible through the
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accessory treatment. He emphasizes the ease and facility with which

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