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hygienic conditions should be the best obtainable, and should comprise
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had adopted two methods of operating on the chest, one
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Dk. Frank P. Kixxicutt, in referring to the consti-
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able to present himself at his office but two or three times, and
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changes in the pituitary are competent to act in such a way upon the
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whole, it is a valuable contribution to the history of the epidemics of
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mentioned affections. Arsenic exerts a destructive ac-
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penetrated the right hip, at a point behind and on a level
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quantity of a salt of morphia may be added to it. Of a variety of reme-
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surface was losing its heat and positive pain Avas less. He con-
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Hall, J. H., Surgeon. Placed on retired list, Septem-
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a. General. The foregoing paragraphs clearly indicate that the
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somewhat enlarged, and there was apparently very slight ascites. The urine

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