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cavae is liquid and dirty, dark-brownish red in color.

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We gain from the preface much information of value as to

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6. The Liver. — ^In practically every case of gastroptosis there

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the tongue is usually coated, and there is headache, ^^ith intolerance of

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nothing abnormal could be detected in that part, either on inspection or palpation.

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The climax of the Lawrence epidemic occurred about one month after

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and thickening, and, by pressure, to the absorption of the fatty cushion.

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it to the notice of the profession, and through ihem to the public ;

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rendered the little patient very fretful, interfered with his sleep, and

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six months before his second admission to the hospital on account

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liquid effusion. Upon paipation^ a sensation of friction is perceptible

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mediocrity. No one will be more missed and mourned in

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For the distinction between nephritic albuminuria, on the one hand,

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not in proportion to tlie changes in the surrounding tissue.

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extreme opinions. The fact of this substance being found

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these 192 cases the eruption is stated to have been petechial, and in 141

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appendix. The cecum and lower portion of the ascending

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symptoms were not so severe. Under the free use of purgatives, a consider-

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During the third or fourth week, boils are apt to appear on different parts

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actively carried out for a long period of time; but it has not yet been

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f^oine time, both in Great Britain and in Ireland, but these

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come, but he has got work of importance in Charlotte. He is busy from

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without having the faintest idea of the difficulties of so doing.

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dwelt upon the importance and the necessity of having

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pedicle with the chisel without employing much force, and rather leave

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There is something for every one to do for his country in a time like

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distribution is essentially dependent on a vehicle, which is a moist

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is one of the causes of the disease. If that were the case, cirrhosis of

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contenant des reclierches sur la nature, les causes et le

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the bowels moved naturally after a dose of morphia, which fact

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(hniiig the childbearing period of life, and also by the fact

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