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Wash the foot thoroughly with hot water to which has

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drachm doses, every four to six hours. The effects to be derived from

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mary attack, the speaker thought it possible that the

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whether he will be remembered as a great Surgeon ; and

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granules were numerous, displacing more or less of the sarcous substance.

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5. Reduction with one finger is more an evidence of

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ment of the Society's finances for the year ending April 15,

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when the involvement is not distinctly noticeable to the

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taneous cancers.^ Mice with high lymphoid counts resulting from

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head and down the neck, or to the vertex, or the forehead. Such pain

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is practically at those times on the left side of the body, not entirely

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although when fresh it is caused by other organic acids. To convert

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opposition. The many phases of progress had left her un-

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the ratchet, which causes the blades to bring the two halves

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sigmoid tiexure up over it, and join it to the csecum, the omentum

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learning. And not by persistently presenting to the mental eye the dis

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they are not of an ulcerative character, may be very much bene-

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be placed along the spine, or a galvanic current passed through it in the

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conjointly the efficient cause thereof. This appears, however,

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embarrassment, antagonizes any tendency to pulmonary congestion, and

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Sunstroke. Insolation is very rarely seen in this country, but the

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The science of medicine is as broad as humanity itself. No

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cult problems we have to face, for the reason that the disease is one

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tute the heterogeneous Type IV. More minute study of the last group

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vomiting, and the purgative was castor oil. In every

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ing a spurting artery and was ready at any moment to apply

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exhaustion when standing, relieved when lying down, vaginal dicharge

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was a mechanical or chemical irritation, while in the

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TJ.S.P. title of the bark of a cfpeciee of the same

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mononuclears, 6. Fundi negative. The discharge from the ear was very

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ceived a powder of Glonoin 2 C ., which was dissolved in

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infections due to the Morax-Axenfeld diplobacillus. En-

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reminded of plausible objections that might be urged in contravention

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