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shoulder wound was laid open, to prevent discharge accumulating in

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losis. At the commencement of my experiments I injected many

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to the benefits of the institution, which has been strictly kept to the

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to Central Asia. This portion of the work is eminently

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The asterisks indicate animals which were intra-venously injected; the

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intra-venously and hypodermically injected with sterilised glanders

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in most of the domestic animals, including both ruminants and carni-

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very nature attacks the limbs, in its very nature attacks the heart also,

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In complete paralysis it is often advantageous to sling the animal

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stable this horse coughed rather frequently. A month before examina-

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ARY LAST : and it is a matter of essential importance to the working

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The diagnosis of blennorrhcea in the dog, whether acute or chronic,

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Mammalian tuberculosis inoculated into parrots had therefore pro-

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could be nothing but a reproducer, could never origin-

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On the upper surface of the mitral valves and lower surface of the

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then causes the discharge of a little greenish muco-pus. The mucous

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to be very much desired that the Lord-President of the Privy Council

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work. Further examination revealed nothing, either in the forward

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of the 13th Hussars was present during the sports. Professor Turner

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sodium bicarbonate were given in the drinking-water.

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porarily diminishing the arterial tension, as the ha:madynamometer

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him half. It seemed only fair, for all the trouble he

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will prefer that the present defective measure should pass now, and that

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developing in mammals, tuberculous birds 'must be considered dan-

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above it, formed by a ridge of bone which bridges over the brachial

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of the medical staff to be controlled by a central or district board. He

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intellect and the psyche by a sound method to acquire

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less a certain degree of collapse of the lung, and, as this proceeded, cor-

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iodine solution, i.e. a little more than "2 grain of iodine per pound of

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in turn discovered, and the corresponding ovary removed in like fashion.

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may, without betraying the confidence reposed in us, say that con-

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puration which accompanies large operative wcunds itself causes

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cnly. — An experiment has been tried, .and the Registrar-General "be-

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or in the peritoneal cavity, or simultaneously in both. None died. In

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to its insertion into the pedal bone. Bouley, Goubaux, MM. Jacoulet,

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