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Fifty-five grants totaling $138, 726 , in support of medi-

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This page is in loving memory of all those family members who have passed away; my

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considerations of reason. Fair play will cause every

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The secon<l case was that of a man, twenty-nine years old,

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iEtiology. — Poisoning by oxide of carbon is very rarely criminal. It

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Incidence of Positive Carriers amc^ng Vaccinated and Non-Vaccinated Normal

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. On examining the leg twenty-four hours afterwar.ds, the edges of the in-

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of which I am writing, offered unusually good opportu-

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dresser of Long Melford, who had died at the Sudbury Hospital. From

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wasting of flesh. I think I hardly ever saw a human creature

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tuberculosis. These results, with those from observations during the

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seem so barbarous. A letter from his mother, received

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Saturnine cachexia, case of, illustrating paralysis of arms and legs,

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such cases is this : that nmltitudes of children are naturally

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of the chest, chronic osteomyelitis, pyelitis, bronchiectasis, etc. Tuber-

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ruary. March 9, 1917, the child was continually im-

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appears to be no more than congestion up to destructive suppuration of the

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new epiderm is sufficiently thick and firm to protect the surface.

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beaten by upwards of one hundred yards, and the bitch did

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morning (22nd) became strong and quick; at 9 a. m. the os

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not only reduced the temperature, but preserved the power of

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important; it should not be carried, of course, to the extent of

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is to bring the scientific and practical departments of the profession into

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