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2. Eheumatic or gouty inflammations, which result in the progres-

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tion is abundant and the febrile excitement is intense. It may delay the

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dyspnoea with hoarseness. Vomiting sometimes follows attemi)ts at swal-

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hydatid vesicles. Peritonitis may result from spontaneous or traumatic

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irregular, scrpcntino, or rotlcnt shape. The long c::\s of the ulcer usually

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Symptoms. — Dull, deep-seated, boring pains, which are worse at

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No standard can be applied indiscriminately to all persons. Those who

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the aorta, corresponding to the seat and size of the aneurism. A resistance,

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hemorrhagic ; in other cases, it is hemorrhagic in spots. In the majority of

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affection. It is sometimes associated with a hypertrophic nasal catarrh,

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which may finally lead to general pyemia. On post-mortem examination

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normal opening of the antrum is the upper and back portion, hence the

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pathogenic germs. It has led to the theory of asepsis. The most diffi-

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arising from the deposit of tuberculous material, as occurs in long

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be developed during a fit of coughing, and depends upon the interference

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recrudescence of the disease. The child is at first restless and may have

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gall-stones, there is a history of the stone having passed. In case of a

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intima break down and ulcerate. Thrombosis may be caused by the

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1 Cohnheim states that it is the inflammatory state of the vessels, rather than increase in blood presa

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sion, which may extend to the right or left of the ^^ soc^ic.f rem hmd of Tarda

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violence to the lower part of the abdomen, when the viscus is distended,

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of ordinary fracture. Crepitus is moist, and being so near the joint,

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one lobe, and the atrophied part presents the lesions of interstitial pneu-

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lieving them to a certain extent from the intense itching, thus avoiding rupture of the vesicles by scratch-

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