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nuclears and eosinophiles. This may be quite marked later on in the disease

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bacillus, which, however, probably has a greater invasive power. Tubercle

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cept the hyaline and granular, and even they are scarce.

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be easily changed so as to make him as comfortable as possible. The head

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who had been at times delirious and rather restless. One day he was found

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transmission of bronchial breathing to the opposite side. Not infrequently

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A'isited certain wharves or their localities after dark. It was also remarked

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SATuptoms. Recovery took place, but on the eighth day an orchitis appeared.

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The substance destroyed by the serum, presumably a toxin, they suppose to

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palpable spleen on the ninth day. The report of the Spanish-American War

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influenza but which proved to be typhoid fever. During this time he had

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thoroughly washed with soap and water. Even in such cases it is doubtful

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our information to you so comprehensive as to never make a

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The exudation begins early and in most cases simultaneously with the

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That the cholera in Hamburg was actually distributed by hydrant water,

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Hiccough is rare and generally associated with a complication, especially

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thought it well to know the date of the wound and how it was

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