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another cause of that denomination, to wit, for that

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the Hospital for Sick Children, etc. Translated by J.

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covering of granulating areas, etc., are hastened by

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tion of the bowels I have not seen reported in litera-

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nally and externally in abundance, rest and comfort,

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hundreds of physicians both in the great metropoli-

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sources enable us, the same, however, to be employed

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in infants in the second year, and, like him, had wit-

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other foot has been raised three lifts, and the patient is

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the best possible use of the windows. If the venti-

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and streptococcus, has given usually prompt relief of

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ing September 17, 1910, the deaths from all causes reported

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way soon after its appearance. When the patient present-

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ture of both bones of the leg resulting in shorten-

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cance, but in the arteriosclerotic cyanosis is apt to

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urer. Dr. Xavier O. Werder, of Pittsburgh. Louisville.

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arrested cases, like keeping their own room in order,

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been made it seems fitting that a public correction

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Wingerter, of Wheeling; first vice-president. Dr. J. E. Can-

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1 never want to endure such agony again. She tUought

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of the Great Lakes ; an investigation on the Pacific coast

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On April 4, 1910, mastoidectomy was performed for in-

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The following cases of and deaths from cholera, yellow

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pulse and respiration had been growing more rapid, and

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rility. Parvin stated that, while the average steril-

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would inevitably be followed by a dreadful storm —

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into the body, we find that two avenues of entrance into the

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other cases symptoms appeared sooner or later, part

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been tliat of the three — Wechsehnann's neutral sus-

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As old scars of chancres may retain the spirochaetae

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anticipation of three hours in the chill time every third

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