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poetic rhythm. His light was as that of the lamp before the altar,
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also extended up on the corresponding part of the dor-
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symptoms, she never picked up, and died five days later.
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regret expressed that so little attention has been paid to methods used
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think not only the Society but the State of Kentucky should be proud of
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a pinch of flour, mix well, put in the spinach, pepper and salt
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feet, and especially officers and physicians who are obliged to
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ment (see p. 1129). We declined to give evidence in the case. It is a fact
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trophy, and there is usually no intravesical outgrowth of lateral or median
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provided in the measure now before the legislature,
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A paper by Deputy Inspector-General C. A. Gokdon, M.D.,
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curred, as in the second of the cases related by Dr.
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jor role in the morbidity and mortality of trauma patients.**
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the hot-air bath. Dr. Mann had quoted before the American
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electrolytic liquid, when a metal susceptible of being attacked by it is plunged into it; then,
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tion of the intestine. The results of this treatment are, that in general the
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the exception of a few common ailments, had enjoyed the
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County Hospital, and of Dr. Le Count, pathologist to this hos-
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The mastery of these will lead naturally to the study and
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the Manhattan Project was making an atomic bomb or that
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dangerous. Even in case of doubt in diagnosis, and there
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vibrios which are not lethal, the cholera vibrios, as R. Pfeiffer has shown,
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glands were aifected in from 60 to 100 per cent, of the whole number of
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often destructive. Inertia is death both physical and moral. Activity
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ease as may be the case where grafts are taken from another
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lary line, between the fourth and fifth ribs, to an extent of one to two square inches.
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previously described in the right lower quadrant. The
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first intention. There is some tenderness of the glands below
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