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The history of the following cases would seem to justify the remark

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toms. Pain of a continued kind is looked upon by Professor

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tilda M. C, there were simply struggling for breath

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We will omit at first critical examination of the external geni-

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to which it is ray object to call attention at present, but more particularly to


this precaution. Until last year he treated these patients by

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" 4. The expense of examinations so conducted would be, if

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Fig. 1. — Sagittal section of "normal head" (Biidin), half natural size.

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oedema is the plausible assumption that it is a new dis-

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climate, must have liver complaint. Liebeg remarks, " In our climate

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that it is important to recognize that a hospital culture is

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tion under Antiseptic Dressing ; Painless Distension of the Joint urith

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before and after operation by the introduction of a

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voice, and sometimes by a snoring sound in respiration. A patient who

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two weeks, during which time he was always able to leave his

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up. The liver was enlai'ged. The urine (of specific gravity 1.029) contained

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8. Waxman J, Bose WJ: Laryngeal manifestations of Wegener’s granuloma-

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i « •< • ■ i \ .-'I for post-graduate ini trucl Ion

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remedy a particular advantage over the other agents of its

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designated " Eisus sardonicus," " Eisus caninus," or " Cynic spasm."

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Arteries, Deformities. 382 pp. Lea Brothers & Co., Philadelphia and New

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of the tumors of the cerebellum in children are tuberculous; and,

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])y the attendant throughout the process. These exercises

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deeply cut. His own tale, when the alarm was given at

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The disease had progressed to a considerable degree, and he had

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a fee for so doing. Perhaps It Is far easier to prescribe T. T.,

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for long periods without breaking down, and the current must be sufficient

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of faucial diphtheria or of one of the exanthemata. Less frequently they

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