Periactin Syrup. Periactin appetite stimulant for cats

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and poultice for a short time seems the kindest method of treat-

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of the cervix, scraping, and the application of iodine, or

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like a c(»d crossing the ligament, but in case the tissues

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dorsal segments supply the abdominal muscles; first to fourth dorsal

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niul rcsidi'il tiioru U|) to tlii< tiiiio of ITih doatli. IIt< waH for many

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The urine on April 18 showed no albumin and no casts.

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ably be avoided, since significant hypotension may result. Clinical experience

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making a medico-legal examination of the bodies oifour men poisoned

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the leukocytes according to the number of nuclei, reckoning the average, a decrease

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The leave of absence for one month granted Major J. K. Coksox,

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If the influenza enteritis attacks onl}^ the lowest portion of the

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measures for the general vaccination of the inhabitants of their respective

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use of an implement for promoting labour, the nature of which they kept

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nature of the cerebrospinal fluid. In general it may be

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reconsideration, and, consequently, the motion to re-

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rhea. Usually emmenagogues are worthless, as they do not bring on

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the uterus or passages, or from a state of irritation tlius produced

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The source of the Avaxy material is not known, Avhether from the blood or

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walls supply brackish or bitter water, fit only for external use,

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ring forms of estivo-autumnal malarial parasites. The imminence of hemo-

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recovering from the febrile malady, his joints began to

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done in the treatment of sepsis by intravenous injec-

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mentally tired. The infection in children leads to a backward mental state. Pa-

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forgotten ; or he who has once perceived the odor of

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supply. Muscles contractured. Slight rotation of one or more


edge that it is meaningless, has no significance, and indicates

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ers. It is useless counting upon private charity to find the

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Now when this version has been per- roid-gland extract. Suttler found 40 cases

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complication ; this occurred in both of Chaussier's cases, and in that in

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excluded. Warm baths may be used to allay the spasm and

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sanguinopurulent fluid was drained. The wound was surgi-

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symptomless or accompanied by slight renal pain— should be

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