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A decoction of starch mixed with the salive of a full grown man was

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quantity of Pepsin, why the weight of the mass at the top of the liquor should not be

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coccus and other forms of meningitis. Wassermann tests of the

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of Typhoid fever {Camp /ever), addressed to the Surgeon General and the Medical

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spiration will be promoted ; if the patient is kept cool, its chief effect

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Dr. J. B. Walker, Philadelphia, has depended upon oil of turpentine in hemor-

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Dr. Prout remarked that he did not desire to say much in addition to what he had

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rioration of lymph, — when one of these great authorities can

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dering patients non-infectious is rather difficult to answer, because

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appears, caused by the action of the caustic potassium hydrate.

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the session, concernmg which the Committee on Public

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specialists devoted to the region. The interest has been one connected

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consequences. In some cases of acute cholecystitis the lesions do not

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the country, as being of importance not only to this

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the cut surfaces of a cleft palate requires genius, judgment, and

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Sour hater I'accouchement. [Abstr.] Compt. rend. Acad.

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See, also, Ciiapiel (J.) Des rapports de rhonnEopathie

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of slaughter ; prohibition of using the dead body, with the

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