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takes place from exhaustion, coma, or intercurrent disease in a comparat-


3. Proc. Phlla. Co. Hed. Soc.,. 1901, zz, No. 3, p. 188.

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latter connection are more difficult to obtain and are often less definite.

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the organ enlarges because the work which it has constantly to do is in-

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The first two classes are dismissed entirely, as forci-

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encouraged to walk, and to use the affected limbs as much as possible.

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especially. Professor C. Newton, also, in addition to its emmena-

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vivors to abstain from alcohol for at least a year after

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nevertheless, say with impartiality, that we do not believe that

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without pneumonia the leucocytosis has not been so frequent

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occupies but a very small space, and which costs a guinea {Fig. 124).

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Cancer is not communicable from one person to another, by any process

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death, except that he occasionally went with his mother to stores near by, and

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Bassett, Clarence Wheeler.? Univ. N. Y., '82 Sharon.

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of the influence exercised by lesion of the cord on the development of the sore

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ville was taken early in 1877, a thing which had not at

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this drink is resorted to many times a day, in large and strong

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to sepsis in those institutions, but their success has shown what can be

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Immediate operation was decided upon. A skin-flap was

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