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Important Translation. — Dr. George W. Cale, of this city, will soon

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ments, and rarely (e) fatty proliferation. Prolonged

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very peculiar, and, as far as is known, is not mentioned by any other writer.

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symptoms of irritation and paralysis of the cerebro-spinal nerves, such

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valued contributor to the literature of the j)rofcssion. It should not be

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large center of population, and of sufficient extent to

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ral fasciculus. Unfortunately the chief specimen was ruined in class demonstra-

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five hundred and fifty graduates, we notice many names " not unknown

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and Department of Pediatrics, Yale University School of Medicine

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uated hypodermic syringe — preferably a Record syringe — and a small

does prednisone help poison ivy

The prognosis is doubtful, but recovery takes place in a fair proportioo of

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subscribers should be more or less impressed by the doctor and the

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The gastro-vntestinal tract typically contained more or less bloody

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and sneezing disappear, but without the aid of any internal treatment

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iust., says:— "The smaU-pox, after gradually decUning in P.-.ris

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Later the mental faculties are abolished ; a stage of

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title. Thyrotomy should be done for urgent dyspncea

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that the simple titration technique described below gives results for

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the New York Polyclinic, Long Island College, Mount Sinai,

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pulse was quick and strong. Enemata were occasionally ex-

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medical men that certain forms of continued fever, particularly

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These are the conditions when the pain attacks on the

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cases of diphtheria. The view appears to be held by many that npti-

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justice which it deserves. We hope therefore to merit the approbation

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sufferings quietly for a length of time, and then arrange a counterplot,

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the muscles. Animal moves with reluctance, and with marked

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heart's action was strong, his voice clear and strong, the

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In the first group of cases it would ordinarily be neces-

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the happiest effect ; a few doses of this description, usually

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tips of the two spinous processes to the nearest point on

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prednisone and valium together

and washing out the .cavity with a one per cent, solu-

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written by any one author. The articles are full and the style

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