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had a fall in both stroke volume (SV) and end diastolic

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photropic retroviruses. Cancer Res 1985; 45 (suppl):4539S-4544S

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pital and dispensary, and to accomplish this purpose, utilised

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ployed in speaking of it. I am glad to have his own

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the description of the opposite type — viz., chronic nephritis with contracted

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a soft, short, blowing murmur, systolic in time, preceding a pure second

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troduction of a radium tube, which could be done under a brief

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is sometimes lost, and the electro-sensibility remains intact ; under these

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article on this subject* is the source from which I have

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of the company speaks, and the deaf person can not only hear

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The ovaries of this patient showed a most remarkable

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its il»>vt'l()|iimMit ill oiH' piiitiicr Ims Ix'cii iircfptcd, not only

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adherent to the adjacent structures, non-interference is

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given much thought as to how, in a northern latitude and

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and for the accommodation of their portraits, library, museum, and

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or other means and subsequently stained. The method of staining

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into the mouth which had left a small fistula, but it

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weaker and of less amplitude than the antral. It is probable, however,

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Oct. 24th. Has passed a quiet night and slept tolerably

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in the blood of gouty patients by Alfred Baring Garrod in 1848.

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A fee of $10 entitles the student to the privileges

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ovary was cystic, and the tube the seat of an ordinary

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Pisani, Palermo, 1 898, xix, 5-28.— IVoott (R. H. ) A case for

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impracticable. The recent work of the State of New Jersey, as reported

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May 0th. This morning he drew two or three inches of a white,

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The general health has improved markedly ; he has gained over twenty-

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of Mr. Meredith at the Samaritan Hospital, London. The

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tor I have not the slightest doubt We require of the

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vulsions in infants were cured. As to Saint Hubert,

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ample of bolhriocephalus. It must, the writer believes, be

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antiseptic medication of the microbe-diseases, a difficult

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M. D., Clinical Lecturer on Midwifery ; Emma M. Nichols,

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