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latlOD-IIke tissue presafng into canal. Death through carelessness

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while the uterus was quiescent the pulsations numbered 140 per minute ;

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3s operations on account of ulcer and its consequences, which

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corneal nerves. The most rational treatment, he thinks, i^

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tion of 136 cases of calculi, the detection of 19 cases of ureteral

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management or lack- of accommodation. St. Paul has a number

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cases have assumed this character, the possibility, or even probability, of

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cleanly room, a comfortable bed, and every thing necessary for his happi-

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frequent. Usually failure is due to stretching of the

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to 10 years. Dr. Chapin has only seen two cases, both ex-

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this way still retained its notable properties as a disin-

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of Greenough^ and Joslin, of 187 cases of gastric ulcer

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what Dr. Gtottheil has just stated, and Dr. Bulkley's paper

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normal outlines ; in order that we may be able to estab-

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recurrence and second operation ; complete recovery. Reference :

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lieved by the members of the Commission that the Chinese

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is one of the most dangerous forms of quackery. The introduc-

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The manipulations of animal magnetism were tried for a short time; some

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erections or coitiis being impossible ; and the majority of

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