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be confounded when the mucoid oedema is well marked.
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A female of very feeble constitution, who had been for a long
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of a purer water, one of the elements so essential to health, secured,
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In these cases, says M. Duclos, the fissures were perceptible to
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physiological salt solution and agar, and finally, 13 minutes after this second
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fections of this class, cases frequently occur without any external erup-
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and value of the books it now comprises entitle it, it is believed, to
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They may be present also in the larynx, sclerotic, tendons of the hands,
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of light as in the case first described ; in which Dr. Hays had every
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no small-pox had appeared, and the members of which had not been
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In the week ending the 11th April, it again rose to 22L In
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the patient restricted in exercise, the pain and sleeplessness should be re-
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lined with a single layer of cells, irregular and often ramified spaces
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