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place we are met at the outset by the inquiry which suggests

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from half-an-hour to one and a half hours three times per day,

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a half-scared look. For several days his condition did not vary

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tions as promptly as they would any other debt. To owe for a medi-

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Introiuetion to the Study (tf lH$ea$es af the Nervoue Sji$tem. 61

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ria and nephritis some difference appears to exist be-

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much fibrin deposit, containing relatively few proliferated cells. They all con-

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an indefinite period apparently in a quiescent state, and it may be removed

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pressure from the outside causing pain ; the uterus was

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will present all kinds of different forms, but tlie straight canals also will be

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movable above the brim of the pelvis. At two in the

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withstanding fumigation with the smoke of burning tobacco-

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thickened by a deposition of new bone, or it may be removed

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ment of a delicate spring tambour, graduated in mm. Hg., as the manometer.

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delayed. He is of opinion that mercury deteriorates the constitu-

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have described, it is far better to trust, all things being

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labor from short or coiled funis, must have occurred

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most characteristic lesions of typhoid fever ; in others the alterations

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Owing to the motion of the ship I pricked my own fingers

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the complaint. In ordinary cases, with an average amount of arthritis,

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for more distinctive circumstances. Cullen defines the disease in

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potential energy stored up in the urine, it is not only plausible, but also possible,

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uated a class of seventy May 1. Rev. W. A. Fletcher made the

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embryos which are present in contaminated puddles of water, and

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covered at any other point, but at this part there were several round

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Fio. 6. — M artel's attachment to author's electrical surgical outfit for

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