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attached to it, "lying in the lower angle of the incision."
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Therapeutics. — A powerful hydragogue ; used only in combina-
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cardium. On opening the pericardium a very recent and very moderate
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J(Mrh., 1872. G. Hayem's RSvue dee Sciences MSdiealee, Juillet,
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less degree than the old. The suspension of the uterus depends
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these four hospitals no louse infection occurred after
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factors, and thus runs short of science, and becomes a
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and they hereby are exempted from all taxes and duties of every kind for the
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entirely disappeared, and there were no symptoms of
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Sin i Di \, < II Dcpolai i/atii m in the treatment
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walls, a mattress of loops of silver wire is introduced over the trans-
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As a rule, the central canal of the cord is not continuous with the sac.
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and catarrh, when rhonchi and rdlea are to be heard.
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control and remove any local irritation by measures indicated imder
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Dr. Bate diagnosed the illness as "slow fever that at length degenerated
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the tadvs a-uditus, which can only be required by re-
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