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hill and it appears probable from the number of marine pro

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primary uses in the training of students to have given the requisite

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no word of complaint is heard judging by their own localities on the

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and unclasped by sliding the extremities of the arms at

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Mr. President and Fellow Members I present this case not

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Hemorrhagic Pleurisy. A bloody effusion is met with under the follow

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be relieved by the division of the anterolateral tracts of the cord

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Sylvester Dr. on bitartrate of potash in uterine hemorrhages

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most interest by the medical reader is that in which Dr Baillie

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of the two chief local Samaritan societies. These societies are


may then be more or less infiltrated enlarged blood vessels are usually

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embrocations to the hmbs. Copious injections of warm

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From England the plague was carried back to the Con

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ependyma are accompanied by hydrocephalus. One hydrocephalic child

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This consists in paralysis of one lateral half of the

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posed of fine lampblack united with a small amount of

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infection of the host differs according to the species of worm.

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mildest or slightest physical or chemical agents but which operat

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Gastrorrhagia in connection with these manifestations is regarded as

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capillaries or small veins from augmented pressure following intense me

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merely mention these facts as indicating the strumous habit of body

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disperse. One sees this from the urine which becomes

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is due to the public who entrust the care and training of

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patient. The diseased surface should be sponged with pure castile soap

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is to be hoped gradually enhance their material and moral well being and

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of perfect health except that they had this particular affectiou. This

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ness but he recovered and was apparently well until June. Six

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tions which at first were abundant are now scanty after painful

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existence threatened by the prevalence of tuberculosis among

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that testimony is not really very valuable unless you can in

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portable instrument is utterly useless. In cases of

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