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Borrows, M. T„ Boms, J. E., and Sozokl* T., Stndies on the growth of cdls

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\)lrn in tl.is .-..untrv. Tl,.-.- inv..sti.^'at,.,s point ....1 tl.at .l.n.'r..|,t v.>-

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tomical diagnosis is the sequential statement, not only of the anatomical

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eudocriue organs. Vincent and others have stated that after removal

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'"" "'■ •■' •■"ll^'.llit supply .,f .j|y,.,>,M,||. whi,.),. it will 1„. ,.,.,.;,l|,..l

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and the great freedom given him to move about everywhere with

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.'lit. (ir till' iiiiiiiImt (.r cldiil.l.' I i.ihIs. It ilr|.i>ii.|s (III tin- I'ii.-t that i>.iliii.',

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numerous large metastatic masses. There is no record of microscopic

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43. The reference to Government labels evidently means the Government Inspection

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32. Lewis, R. C, and Benedict, S. E.: J. Biol. Chem., 1915,

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The cxiHTiiiu-ntal .•vi.l.iu-.- for i1..m- ,.n,u-lus..ms rvii>m\mK tl..- fuiictu.n>

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liviM ulii.-Ir. .■i.r.M.lia'j t.. tlir al...\.' ri|irili..n<. >Ih.iiM v irl.l ri.Hy a. a. I.

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.■itiin- of f.vliML' an.l .■iiioli.m ..r .0 int.'lli'.;<'nc.-. Altli.Mi'jii liolli .-iasscs an'

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which upon inspection are found to be unsound and diseased, and by a provision

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experiments the pancreas of the dog, which limited our observations to

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obtained, indicating that nearly one-third of the same breeds of cattle

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WuLZBN, R. : The Anterior Lobe of the Pituitary Body and Its Rela-

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enteritis, 10; gastritis and intestinal hemorrhage, 2; enteritis, 14;

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Coatsville, and the minutes of the last meeting were

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be printed in a foreign langauge, the same rules shall apply with reference to false label-

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otherwise in good condition. Posts and sides were well painted. Overhead woodwork

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severity, and five days later he was admitted to the

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Camel Cigarettes presents a dramatic full color review of their recent medical

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market. The farmers made an effort to get rid of their fat hogs and

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Ihilaski R. E. Breuer, Newburg G. V. Everist, Rolla

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the Bureau as they apply to each particular case he has under consideration. As pre-

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