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Read in the Section on Medicine, Materia Medica and Thera-
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proved by the fact that male imbeciles are impotent, and
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Bight arm. — Two inches below olecranon on outer aspect
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or histological investigations, but is based entirely on practical breed-
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formation on practical subjects, and even if, perchance,
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estimated 90% of lung cancer cases are caused by smok-
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either does not take place or is disrupted, it is reasonable to expect the process
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With the exception of the eel, the suprarenal gland of these animals is a dou-
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pensaries will be arranged, as far as possible, in accordance with
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allowed to trickle down the sides, into the jar and over-
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harmless, and occasionally even desirable, as, for example, small quan-
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the nutrient substance, and interfered with or sometimes even pre-
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sizes ; and there was one symptom in this case which I had met with
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amount of pus and an absolutely normal appendix. The
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days after the reception of the wound, is violent in its convulsive man-
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easily be also rickety or tuberculous. 1 do, however, express
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in the appendix an index of all papers which have been read at
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pendent formations. If, in the development of the pelvis, the iliac
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vaccination is quite another. "We always doubted the wisdom
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been found an infallible remedy (in the hands of Thom-
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In a case seen by us a thread-like band from an old extra-uterine
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tion of the anterior cervical lymphatic glands makes
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of petitions before his signature among the " cheerful " endorse-
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diabetes, hyperthyroidism, aneurism, certain form of emphysema,
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condemns severe treatment. We have had a little experience
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He was more than a fellow state medical society CEO. Bruce
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Ass.,Chicago,1899, xxxiii,519-521.— Senn (N.) The treat-
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Hungary, during the years 1891 to 1893, only 5 died out of 3,361 protected
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almost constantly covered with lead glaze. Proper fritting of the glaze
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cialty. The Young Physicians Section, on a national level,
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Suppose the fundus had not been felt? In such a case you have
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nected with any school or college. It is self-supporting and
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tion it has always held will continue to be devoted to it. We were first to submit
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is a wonderful help to persons troubled with weak back or backache,
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Cough Lozenges (with Lactucariun%). Powdered lactucarium 2
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preserving its consistence and flexibility, of insinuating itself by its suppleness
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neck two orifices will be found, one dipping down into the
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a process of restoration of tbe pigment in the leucosmic
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dition showed evidence of continued improvement the patient
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hurried through them. This inflammation is usually extended
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Its etiological factors are numerous, some definite, others
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set up any doctor, however unqualified as an expert, we
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months. Epileptic attacks reappeared, however, and the

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