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pain have appeared, and says that where this rule has
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exist and have advanced far enough for the subcrepitant rale to become
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positive and unequivocal advantages in the practice of obstetrics.
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time for the cold to fix itself in the system ; for a cold does not usually
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tory of the symptoms of disease than are to be found
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grees of orthopedic handicap such as those resulting
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1851.] Donaldson on BernanVs liecent Discoveries. 339
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glance the several conditions, and olniates the neces-
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tant. In the treatment, not only of the pulmonary, but I believe of
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muscles between the first, second, and third ribs, had formed the tumour
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He devised and used the hoop iron splint for fractures of
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of the soil, or any other circumstance connected with mere locality, is
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How much better surgeon he makes because of his muscles having been trained
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choice, if we consulted their vahie, either in relation to the phe-
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These spots begin to show themselves, generally, during the
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typhoid fever. The liver i> torpid ami the bowels constipated. The
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and Practice of Medicine, University of Maryland. .... 397
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dyspeptic, with a heavy fur coat on his tongue, and,
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sounds generally are harsh. Fine crepitation with inspiration is heard from about
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blood. Viewing the disease in this light, it would be just as reason-
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nosing prostate-confined prostate cancer; the hope is that : *
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nual agreement with their {< '" '^ ^f ^e necessary
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Autopsy.. — The intestines were crimsoned by the injected
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last thirty years, during my practice in this state.
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of this event, my object being merely to state that the operation was
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passes through its firsl two summers without al leasl one sharp
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other members of the society in Boscobel and vicinity want to belong
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facilitate the passage of the stomach- tube ; sutures to
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foot and leg, having first brought the foot into complete ex-
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oommon salt. Shorten or not with a quarter of a pound of butter.
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When syphilii remains latent for a few weeksi it presents anotlier

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