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by the heart diminishes the remaining concentration appreciably;

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Dr. Osier announced that he would nominate Dr. Henry

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gases and decomposing contents of the bowel. At the same time the

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milk and a development of carbon dioxide. Liter flasks were taken and

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frequently obliged to refuse giving the chloroform than to induce the

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turn to married life again. This is certainly as it should

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was dwelt upon. Injury was a factor in rare instances, a state-

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Maine has abolisiied the office of President of Bowdoin College, and insti-

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itching, which was a common symptom during recovery.

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_j3a£C0^ered in this stage ; if present, its diagnostic signiliraiice is impoHaht.

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the disease, much relief can be afforded by treatment of the superficial

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cular naevi, moles, warts, and other hypertrophies. The method

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increases by its successive passages. A microbe of extremely exalted

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tist that the amount of gas required to produce insensibilitv

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precipitation by reducing the bile acids, the solvents of cholesterin, has

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success, he used the silver ligature ; in the three recent

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enteric catarrh, in which complaint diarrhea is a prominent symptom. The

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urine at a requisite degree of alkalescence, it was found

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scribed, with the feeling of impending death and an un-

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The voices made jeering remarks to her, often taking thoughts

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or overdosage, have been reported Also reported: headache,

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phate and the normal sulphate, and perhaps other salts of triphenylmethyl, are

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the efforts made by these scientists the necessity for establishing schools in

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we can. My own judgment as to the management of this case is that

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1865 ' The Pioneers ' was finished, and the capacity of work

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Whatever hypothesis may prove the correct one, it has been estab-

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hand, it may be prolonged to six, seven, or even more days. Lyons,

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E. Stoddard, O. W. Peck, Lucien Howe ; Committee on

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