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is very often developed, or at least hurried forward by it. Chronic
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ances were those of poisoning by arsenious acid. The quantity taken could
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may be treated under the heads of 1st, geometrical symmetry,
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Ithaca's Pure Water Supply. — The new plant which is to
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diopping the christian name altogether. Like otlier fjishions, it is being
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^fficulty than when it occurs in other pathological connections. The
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and greasy in appearance, and has a very offensive smell.
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the ends of justice. Though not having reference directly to
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the microscope alone in our study of this subject, and ad-
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white, but there was neither constipation nor looseness. The digestion,
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down to the elbow. They were discrete iu places but the centre was
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(6) If no claim for payment is submitted by a participant for
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Pagenstecherj a fissure-like rent occurred in the membrana tympani
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and if present in sufficient quantity the microbe and its toxin are pre-
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of the specimen, the mass of the tumor would not in-
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chest ; a short, full, loose cough follows, and frothy, bright-red blood
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mucus. This was repeated until the water returned clear. She
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portions of the eye-lids. The afferent vessels pass to the deep cervical
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weeks) or negative results of blood-cultures would help make the
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Andrew's HospitiU ; author of the " .Vnatomy of the
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The organization of the University is indeed strikingly analogous
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Cases must be taken at an early stage if the word cure is
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" In inflammation of the chest with acute pain, or pleu-
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which it has been chiefly put. This is quite as true of
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Zweifel regards Credo's method as tlie best— that is, tlie instilla-
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and frequent respiration; and physical exploration may show pleuritis ^
The Committee appointed by the President of this Society together with a
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excellent nerve sedative, which produces no ations, and Hilbert one case in 100 examin-
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formal training completed by -;he staff in FY 1975 is listed in Table 2.

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