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Dr. Cheatham: I have used the bromide of gold and arsenic in one

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The first and most important step in this series of advances was

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Its greatest benefit, we think, has been in the information

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this kind, has commenced labor. Oh account of the feebleness of the uterine

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duration. And frequently all that remains to us is, by maintaining the

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of having given bad treatment, only after having heard the

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of the points that he had advanced. As to creosote, he

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consequently, Koch's parasite was not looked for in these

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ing from a few lines to an inch in length, slightly raised, as if produced by

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American Congress on Tuberculosis,— A circular has

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vis. Since the receipt of the wound he suflered severe pain in the

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undersigned, to whom remittances may be sent by postal money order, bank check, or registered

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Some able and well-known surgeons of the day tell you that if

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his bed ,he wrote the inimitable biography of the late Dr, Samuel George

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directly adding to it other nutritive constituents.

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must be urged to correct it while sitting, standing or walking.

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cidence of hemeralopia with a lesion of the conjunctiva, occupying not the lids,

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mostly directed backwards. The lateral groups of vertical

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and sprinkling with cold water may be resorted to, as practised in cases of

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ment of the genitals and feeble sexual power. They suffer attacks of

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other rapidly, and this fact, with the relaxation of the ligaments, ex-

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give evidence of contact, apparently passing by the

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