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^ p i ooMc (€p-f-coFic). Situated over the colon;

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on general hygiene, tonics, ionic medication, electricity, massage, and

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mato^raph, showinij the iiispirntory depression as being Iohr

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lege, class of 1852, died July 18, in this city, aged 36

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resembles B. pneumonise. It decolorizes by Gram, and is non-motile.

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"Senility," there are 73 deaths, instead of 28 for the

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doubt that the active principle of the quack medicine so much in

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are almost all spiral, and quadrupeds and bipeds have spiral

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of color in Ae passsges, that Ae fcnmrfann or e ici c tio n of lab ki

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detail under Cerebral Htemorrhage) forms the bulk of the lateral columns. It is by

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wirework, shaped somewhat like the wound, but larger,

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cemia accompanied by an ulcerative endocarditis and suppuration in

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[From MiiwUs of Executive Committee for February 28, 1R72 ;) 4 )

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disease is often unilateral ; but may this not be accounted

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and external ring were closed, four recurred, or ten per cent.

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7. Sputum Analysis and the Etrly Diagnosis of Pulmonary

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College last spring, and in the course of his benevolent

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thing like the initial stages of senile ansemia. These

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ferent angles, without changing the position of the parts

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toid muscle and carried down through the subcutaneous

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When the works of Sir Francis Bacon, Baron of Verulam and

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that uric acid was a harmless by-product in the system, and that tlie profession

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more free use of antiseptic solutions of greater concentration than are

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ism will destroy this condition, even without a pre\ious

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must continue for a time to force their blood upon the brain, while a

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pox, it has been found, like human small-pox, to be

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organic reaction being more or less comi)letely absent.

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